Why College Personal Statement Should Be Written in First Person

Writing a personal statement is one of the easiest things to do if you understand why colleges ask prospective students to write personal statements. It is also a good idea if you are facing some challenges that might prevent you from speaking out. If this is the situation for you, consider sharing your experience, skills, and academic achievements for the best results. This is not something that every student has to do. You have to convince the reader why you deserve the opportunity to attend their favorite college. Let's look at some of the best ways to write a college personal statement and improve the quality of the submission.

Essay Preparation

Before beginning the writing process, you need to have a perfect outline of how to write the essay. It should include all the necessary parts of the paper. Consider the questions asked and any information that is not included in write my essay the question. Make sure you follow the structure above if you want your essay to be taken seriously. Your college personal statement will contain all the important details that make it stand out among other application papers.

College Personal Statement Structure

A college personal statement needs to have the following components:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Your college personal statement introduction should be an explanatory kind of paragraph. The introduction should be informative and create the interest of the reader. The body paragraphs should be equally divided in the second paragraph to make the piece more readable.

Considering the importance of a personal statement, you should organize your ideas in a way that they can be easily understood. In the body paragraphs, each section should discuss a different aspect of your life. If you write a personal statement in the first person, the paragraphs should seamlessly fit into the next. Therefore, ensure that your college personal statement is structured in a logical sequence. It is not recommended that you use complicated sentences, especially when the reader is not close to you.

The conclusion paragraph should summarize the key points that support your reasons for choosing the specific school. It should leave the reader with a high impact conclusion. However, it is not entirely dependable. You can decide to include a summary of the achievements and skills gained throughout the learning process. There is no need to do this at the end of the paper.

At times, the college personal statement format may differ from the application article. Check the guidelines provided by your department or read online to know the best structure to follow. The most common structure for these papers are;




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